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Friends of Coyote Creek

Friends of Coyote Creek (FoCC), a sub-committee of the CCA, implements solutions and effects policy to restore and preserve Coyote Creek and surrounding Santa Clara Valley waterways.

In 2003, community members formalized their on-going efforts at removing surface and sunken trash and the education of their neighbors to the fragile nature of the Coyote Creek. The organization adopted the name Friends of Coyote Creek and in April of 2004 joined with the CCA.

FoCC sponsors water-based Coyote Creek Riparian Area Clean-ups (RAC's) one day per month and Riparian Maintenance Team (RMT) outings three times per month in the downtown riparian corridor between highway 280 and 101.

FoCC target population includes all residents who live in the Coyote Creek watershed, which extends to neighborhood associations beyond the CCA.